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Providing Experienced Legal Counsel And Guidance In Taxation Matters

Almost every business or financial decision has a tax consequence. When facing taxation issues, you need the knowledge of an attorney who has handled these types of complex matters and can help you navigate the process of seeking a resolution.

Established nearly 145 years ago, Bellatti, Fay, Bellatti & Beard, LLP, is a trusted resource in tax law matters for clients in Jacksonville and throughout West Central Illinois. In order to provide our clients with a complete package of legal services, our practice has expanded into areas involving state and federal income tax, corporate tax, estate and gift tax, and exempt organization matters.

Insight Into Estate Planning And Taxation Issues

In the probate area, our attorneys represent clients as petitioners, claimants or interested parties before state probate courts in Illinois. In the estate planning area – which includes the analysis of estates and determining the estate plan that will best meet the client’s requirements while reducing income, estate and gift taxes to a minimum – we work with clients in regard to tax-exempt organizations, family limited partnerships, and other estate and tax planning structuring. We offer services designed to meet all levels of tax issues.

Trust A Business Law Attorney Who Knows Tax Law

When you are dealing with taxation matters in conjunction with a business, it is especially important to hire an attorney with business law and tax law experience. Both areas of law are highly complex. It takes an understanding of each area of law to know where they cross and how that intersection will impact clients. While other business law lawyers may refer out cases that involve tax issues, we confidently take them on. Our skilled attorneys can help highlight any risks and help clients make sound decisions that avoid issues before they turn into challenging or costly legal matters.

Talk To Us About Your Taxation Matters

We are here to help you understand taxation and how our firm can customize a solution for you. For a consultation with Bellatti, Fay, Bellatti & Beard, LLP, call 217-245-7111 or contact us online today.